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Welcome to Afternoon Tea with Mama Jean

Afternoon Tea with Mama Jean is a radio talk show on Radio Ear Network - featuring Hostess Jean Moon. Mama Jean will draw you in with her warmth, humor and stories while using spiritual principles in finding solutions to life's everyday problems.

Mama Jean Moon
Mama Jean Moon
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Afternoon Tea with
Mama Jean
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July 30 - August 3  Make The Pain Go Away!

Religion,TV talk hosts and psychologists all tell us that

we need to FORGIVE. But no one tells us how.

Learn the tools of forgiveness and make

the pain go away! 

July 23 - July 27
Special First Anniversary

Many Special Guests, Friends and Listeners

Funny - Inspirational -Informative

Celebrate with us!

July 16 - 20 Dr. Preston Winfrey

Don't Worry! Exchange your anxieties
for a stress-less life with Dr. Preston Winfrey, author - Take No Thought: God's Answer
To Our Borrowed Anxieties.

May 28 - June 1 Rich Manganaro -
Healing Life's Hurts

Why do movie stars and people in the limelight fall into addictions and failed relationships? Why do Christians sometimes act like jerks? Find the answers with Rich and Mama Jean as they share the solutions in the love of Jesus Christ and Father God.

May 21 - 25 - John Robertson, Author and Custom Home Builder

Through  his experiences - both good and bad - John shares how he was inadequate as a father, following in his
father's footsteps and making the same mistakes.

Transform your life and become a better parent with John Robertson's personal stories in his book,   A Father's Love.

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