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Welcome to Afternoon Tea with Mama Jean

Afternoon Tea with Mama Jean is a radio talk show on Radio Ear Network - featuring Hostess Jean Moon. Mama Jean will draw you in with her warmth, humor and stories while using spiritual principles in finding solutions to life's everyday problems.

Mama Jean Moon
Mama Jean Moon
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Afternoon Tea with
Mama Jean
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March 2 - March 8
Dr. Bruce Frye

 Author of, "I Have Taken His Name."
Jesus calls us His bride. Dr. Frye shares what it means to take the name of Jesus as his bride.
Dr. Frye has been so filled with the
Love of Jesus that many who
come to his practice are healed instantly.

  Feb 23 - March 1
Keith Brown - Loving the Poorest

Pastor Keith Brown is founder of AgapePoint in Minden, LA, USA, where he ministers outside the church walls to those poor in material things and poor in spirit. He has learned that they have something to give to us.

Feb 16 - 22 Dr. Preston Winfrey

Racial Harmony. Dr. Winfrey shares his personal black history as he enlightens and encourages us with the answers to racial harmony.

Feb 9 - 15 Mama Jean

Little is BIG when God is in it. What is in your tool box or lunch box?
In God's hands our most feeble efforts
accomplish much.

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